Best of February 2021!


A selection of our favourite new releases from February 2021! 

Each month we take a look back at some of our favourite tunes from the past month! 

Feast your ears on our latest selection of indie bangers, with ten highlighted below, and delve even deeper into February 2021 with our Spotify playlist here!

Enjoy, and show the artists some love! 

Panic State - 'viral love'

Energetic indie trio Panic State have smashed it with their latest single 'viral love'! It's a big tune packed to the brim with enthusiasm and aggression and has been gaining widespread attention including that of BBC Introducing! 

The boys were kind enough to feature in an interview piece with Middle Eight. Read this, check out 'viral love', and keep up to date with the lads on their Insta!

The Snuts - 'Somebody Loves You'

Scottish quartet The Snuts are back with new music and it's a stunner. 

'Somebody Loves You' is a calming track filled lyrics of adoration and charm. It's another impressive tune from the lads from West Lothian whose debut album W.L is set for release April 2. 

Follow the boys socials here and listen to the 'Somebody Loves You' here!

Voodoos - 'It's Your Life' 

Staying in Scotland, Glasgow outfit Voodoos are energetic and exhilarating in their latest release 'It's Your Life'

The lads have a tuneful punk vibe about them, yet this latest release rings truer of noughties indie nightclubs. Fingers crossed you can catch the boys at TRNSMT at some point over the summer months! 

Keep up to date with Voodoos via their Instagram and Twitter and listen to 'It's Your Life' here!

Noon A.M. - 'Firing Line' 

Alt-rock duo Noon A.M. gifted the world with their fourth single 'Firing Line' earlier this month. 

An emotionally charged indie bop, the song approaches the feeling of being at war with yourself through uplifting lyrics and an infectious riff. 

Catch our interview with the duo here and listen to your new favourite tune, 'Firing Line' here. Follow Noon A.M. on Instagram!

The Indigo - 'Foreign Ties'

Taking a trip across the pond, Nashville based The Indigo bring you feel good indie-folk destined for your summer evening soundtrack.

Starting off a duo, with childhood friends Tanner Gray and Colby Wilson writing together since youth, they're now a fully-fledged band, and 'Foreign Ties' is the latest dose of chilled vibes coming your way. 

Follow The Indigo on Instagram and listen to their music via Spotify!

James Hartley - 'All My Life'

Based in Greater Manchester, James Hartley has all the tools at his disposal to take it to the big time. A stellar voice is coupled with immense songwriting capabilities, gifting us with all out indie fused with the musical heritage of his surroundings. 'All My Life' is an addition to an ever-growing back catalogue of indie bangers crying out for a place on festival stages.  Follow James Hartley on Instagram and listen to 'All My Life' here!

The Reytons - 'Tears in the Taxi Rank' 

What a month it's been for South Yorkshire's The Reytons! Their EP 'May Seriously Harm You and Others Around You' was released with huge success, landing at number 27 in the UK albums chart! There are six massive tunes on the EP, but we've picked out 'Tears in the Taxi Rank' for you. Typically relatable lyricism is paired with all the aggression and gritty attitude Reytons fans are used to by now. Follow the lads on Instagram and listen to their EP here!

Sunshine Riot - 'Too Old for Love Songs'

Based in Boston, Sunshine Riot are musically fluid and refreshingly honest in their work. The quartet have been working hard for over a decade and having found peace giving up on the dream of commercial success, their songs are bursting with energy and an unrivalled feeling of self-pleasure. Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with the band in the coming days! 'Too Old for Love Songs' falls somewhat under a punk umbrella, yet delve into Sunshine Riot and you'll be blessed with plenty more. Follow on Instagram! 

The Lottery Winners (feat. Sleeper) - 'Bad Things'

Leigh based The Lottery Winners released their impressive debut album in 2020 which made it into our top albums of the year here at Middle Eight! Now, they've teamed up with brit-pop icons Sleeper with their latest release 'Bad Things'. The tune is heartfelt indie pop and is a rare combination of a newer band working with one of their biggest influences. 

Listen to 'Bad Things' here and follow The Lottery Winners and Sleeper! 

Listen to all these tunes and plenty more via our February 2021 Spotify playlist and check out our January 2021 tracks whilst you're at it! 

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