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All you need to know about energetic alt rock five-piece ADMISSIONS

Here at Middle Eight, we are keen to showcase up and coming artists who are working hard to make themselves heard.

Recently we spoke to energetic five-piece ADMISSIONS, whose aggressive melodies are turning heads across the UK and abroad.

Though only forming in late 2019, the bands origins go back some way, something ADMISSIONS are incredibly proud of and comes through in the dynamism of their music.

Latest track 'Kill the Switch' will have you nodding your head, if not to the heavy riff, then in admiration. The overall flavour of the record is a band having fun. There's laughing throughout and a distinctive cohesion amongst the bandmates. However, it isn't joy over quality, this is HUGE tune.

Lead vocalist, Kirstie, powers her way through, as though commanding the lads behind her in an orchestral fashion. Previous releases 'Wasted' sees the band performing at a faster pace whereas 'Check It!' delivers more atmospheric alt rock.

Immersing yourself in the three tracks, it's easy to see why BBC Introducing have tipped the band for their Sound of 2021. Incorporating a variety of influences, there's already range displayed in their three singles to date, and with airplay from BBC Introducing Essex and XFM Malta, the band are definitely one to keep an eye on!

Read more about ADMISSIONS below!

Who are you and where are you based?

We are ADMISSIONS from Chelmsford in Essex. We have all been friends from a young age with Kirstie, Rob and Max being at school together then Kirstie, Jack, and Joe meeting at music college. We've played together in numerous cover bands with different line-ups over the years and in October 2019 we decided in was time to turn our attention to our own music and see what we can achieve with those songs.

How would you describe the music you make?

We are the perfect example of the combination of what happens when music meets life-long friends. This history can be heard and especially seen during live performances. A five-piece that bounces on the realms of alternative/indie rock band with the ear for writing energetic, upbeat, head turning music. Slowly coining the genre of "Bond Rock".

How did you first get into music?

Kirstie- "I got into music due to my dad being in a band the whole of my childhood which made me want to start learning guitar and be in a band like him."

Jack - "My uncle played guitar and my dad inherited it, I always wanted to give it a go and after playing guitar hero at a friend's house I wanted to try the real thing"

Rob - "Growing up I had no interest in music at all! At around the age of 16 it was a mixture of my grandad telling me that his cousin was in a famous band in the '60s called The Tremeloes and my friends being musical that really turned may head towards music and showing a real interest in learning!

Max - "It's all my dad, he has played in bands ever since I was kid. So, growing up around that and being involved with the project he had going on really pushed towards doing my own thing"

Joe - "My dad's record collection. He has a lot of '80s heavy metal so it was Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer etc. The artwork amazed and scared me as a child and I loved listening whenever my dad gave them a spin."

Who are your main musical influences?

All of our influences and inspirations are all different and all from different backgrounds. We have a real mixture that comes from various different genres as each band member has their own unique taste. If we were going to name a few inspirations we'd say The Pretty Reckless, Avenged Sevenfold, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, and Miles Davis. When you listen to the music you can hear how all of those pull together into one.

Which artists do you currently have on repeat?

It's great at the moment, there is so much new music emerging out of the lockdown! Royal blood, The Reytons and Biffy Clryo have really set the bar for that!

What separates you from other artists?

We draw inspiration from each other, in all of our songs you can really hear everyone's personalities and sense of humour. Whether it's a story from when we've all been on a night out or the way the instruments bounce off of each other. It can really be heard. We've seen in a lot of bands where it is just one person who writes the songs. With ADMISSIONS we try to share the song writing.

What are your plans for the future?

Our current single is 'Kill the Switch' which is out now! And we have our next single 'Cloned' out at the end of April - it's sounding massive! But we would say that...

ADMISSIONS are carving their own path, and they're enjoying themselves along the way. Their three singles to date offer an exciting insight into what is to come from the Chelmsford five-piece and with new music on the horizon, there's no sign of their enthusiasm halting.

Listen to 'Kill the Switch' and follow ADMISSIONS on Instagram to keep up to date!

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