Best of January 2021


Selection of our favourite new releases from January 2021!

The world united in a big fuck off to 2020 and welcomed 2021 with open arms this month. Whilst things may not be necessarily improving immediately, there's been a whole host of new tunes for us to sink our teeth into. 

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Here's a selection of our favourites to flesh out your playlists! 

Picture from @musicbykota (Instagram)
Picture from @musicbykota (Instagram)

Music By Kota - 'Lucy'

Five-piece from Memphis, Tennessee deliver soul-filled rock and roll in their debut single.

Follow their socials and listen here!

Picture from Discogs
Picture from Discogs

Kiwi Jr. - 'Waiting In Line'

Toronto low-fi alt rockers Kiwi Jr. dropped their debut album in 2020 and were quick to follow it up with their sophomore release Cooler Returns this month. 'Waiting In Line' is the album closer and it's a stunner, as is the whole record!

See their website for merch and socials and listen to the album here!

Barney Barnett - 'No Favours'

Debut single 'No Favours' from Welshman Barney Barnett is nostalgic 90s indie rock with a twist. Barney was kind enough to talk to us at Middle Eight and was in no doubt that his saxophone is his USP. 

Follow his socials and listen to his punchy debut here!

Cassia - 'Powerlines' 

Listening to the sun-soaked indie of Cassia, you'd never guess their origin lies in Cheshire market town of Macclesfield. Latest tune 'Powerlines' continues in a similar vain to that of their debut album Replica (2019), chilled out indie pop to whisk you away to a summers evening, 

Visit their website for merch and links to socials and check out their latest EP here!

lotusbliss - 'The Horror'

Indie rock is clearly a genetic thing for Kent based trio of brothers lotusbliss. With sophisticated lyricism, they are moody and intense- it's hypnotic indie rock that picks you up and takes you far away.

Follow the band on Instagram and listen to 'The Horror' here!

The Vaccines - 'No One Knows'

If you're like me, you've been constantly refreshing The Vaccines socials, praying for new music. If you are, you will have been fooled earlier this month when the band announced just that! However, it came in the form of a cover of Queens of the Stone Age classic 'No One Knows'. The cover is the first of an EP made aptly named Cosy Karaoke .

Whilst it's not exactly what we were after, it's a new take on a now exhausted song and it's another dose of The Vaccines to keep us going. Listen here!

Matt England - 'Outside' 

This debut single from Matt England is shimmering indie pop with songwriting capabilities far more matured than to be expected from a first effort! 

Keep your eyes peeled for an interview with Matt in the coming weeks, follow him on Instagram and listen to the debut single 'Outside' here!

Yard Act - 'Dark Days'

Leeds based rockers Yard Act deliver attitude and swagger through minimalist rock come punk with 'Dark Days'. 

Vocalist James Smith's West Yorkshire accent delivers deadpan lyricism and fused with vivid storytelling. Follow and listen to the quartet here!

Apollo Junction - 'On the Ropes' 

Another Leeds-based outfit, Apollo Junction, have been making a name for themselves through fusing heavy indie with electronic vibes. 

They've made waves in their hometown through the support of football club Leeds United and world champion boxer Josh Warrington. Follow their socials and listen to 'On the Ropes' here!   

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