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Classic tracks that still pack the perfect punch - The Collins Kids - 'Hoy Hoy'

Whilst we are blessed with fresh new tunes at our fingertips on a daily basis, there's a multitude of bangers still waiting for the latest generation to rediscover them.

This week, it's youthful 1950s sensations Lawrencine and Lawrence, better known as Lorrie and Larry, the brother and sister duo that made up The Collins Kids.

The pair were born and raised in Oklahoma during the early 1940s before their mother and father decided to make the most of their children's talents and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1950s.

Lorrie, the elder of the two, took lead vocals, whereas Larry began to make a name for himself as a fast-fingered guitar player, despite his young age.

Racking up numerous television appearances throughout the mid-50s, the duo seemed to find a home on country music radio and TV show Town Hall Party, where viewers could often tune in to find Larry shredding on a double necked guitar and Lawrie offering righteous rockabilly tones.

It was on Town Hall Party that teen icon Ricky Nelson first saw Lorrie Collins, and subsequently the two began a brief relationship.

The Collins Kids had 1950s hits with 'Hop, Skip and Jump' and 'Beetle Bug Bop' but we're focusing on their cover of blues pianist Little Johnny Jones' track 'Hoy Hoy'.

With their version released in 1958, The Collins Kids perfect a simple rock n roll song about love, with a repetitive chorus and the focus being placed on Larry's natural guitar playing talent rather than the story of the song.

Lorrie's vocals are allowed a place in the spotlight too. The teenage singer offers up Elvis-esc style, especially notable in her shaky "baby" pronunciations.

'Hoy Hoy' was our track of choice but it's worth delving into the many videos on YouTube that feature The Collins Kids. Their cover of 'I Got Stung' is a pure delight, and there is plenty more where that came from.

The Kids unfortunately never seemed to fulfil their performing potential in the following decades, with Lorrie choosing to retire from the music industry at nineteen. However, Larry become a talented songwriter with a couple of songs becoming big country hits.

The pair reunited on several occasions over the years and were greeted with much adoration from fans. Sadly, Lorrie passed away in 2018, but the legacy of The Collins Kids will forever live on.

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