Introducing - The Great Leslie


Putting the spotlight on lesser-known bands so you can jump on the bandwagon before everyone else does! This week, London-based high energy alternative rock band The Great Leslie. 


Citing influences as far ranged as David Bowie, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand and Ella Fitzgerald, The Great Leslie are a refreshing and aggressive indie rock outfit who claim their tunes will be "stuck in your head and your feet stuck on the dancefloor".

Despite being an indie quartet with the straightforward line-up of drums, bass, guitars, and vocals, The Great Leslie seemingly bring something completely unique to the forefront.

Take 2020 single 'Out of My Hands' for example. A slow builder, you're drawn in with Passenger-esc acoustic guitar, yet by the chorus it's turned into a classic indie-pop singalong similar to that of Sea Girls.

With the band's roots stemming from lead singer Ollie Trevers and guitarist Guillermo Campoy meeting in a MA class for song writing, there is an obvious talent for seeking out catchy hooks and delivering their promise to be suck in your head all day long.

The band is fleshed out with Ryan on drums and Jason on bass, and the four-piece have already been attracting attention from the big guns. Their single 'Money' was a hit on BBC Introducing Suffolk and they've managed to receive airtime on Planet Rock and Amazing Radio.

Recently, the band labelled their gig at the Camden Assembly as their favourite so far in their early careers. However, it won't be long till their breaking out of the 470 capacity venues into rooms filled fans bellowing back every word of their constantly catchy tunes.

Keep up to date with The Great Leslie on Twitter and Instagram and keep an eye on tour dates on their website.

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