Record of the Week! Oscar Scheller & Katie Gavin - 'I'm Enough'


Listen to our favourite new release right now! Oscar Scheller & Katie Gavin team up with 'I'm Enough

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With his third album set to be released later this month, we my have just been treated to the final single before Oscar Scheller's Boys Cry drops on February 15.

Boys Cry follows 2019's sophomore attempt HTTP40 and 2016's debut Cut and Paste (released mononymously as Oscar), with five 2020 singles already released as anticipation grows for the next album. 

The latest track 'I'm Enough' is a powerful message of self-worth and self-love.

The single sees Scheller team up with MUNA vocalist Katie Gavin, with Scheller 'hitting up' Gavin after seeing something she posted online about self-worth.


Opening with the line "Today / I'm not feeling like anyone special / so I'll wait" is the resonating message of the low-fi indie bop; although you may not be feeling at your best, you are enough.

Scheller wrote the song after a meeting with a girl in New York didn't go as planned and he needed to remind himself "I am enough, with or without someone".

You can listen to the tune here and follow Scheller and Katie Gavin on Instagram. Remember Boys Cry is set to be released later this month.

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