Top Ten Albums of 2020 - 3. Vistas - Everything Changes in the End


Taking the bronze medal in our favourite albums of 2020, Scottish trio Vistas provide the potent uplift needed with all killer, vibrant, summer indie rock.

Coming together whilst still at school, Scottish trio Pretince Robertson, Dylan Rush and Jamie Law have been creating fast-paced vivacious tunes since back in 2016.

Scotland is a hotbed for indie rock outfits at the moment; Gerry Cinnamon has been leading the way in recent years but the likes of The Snuts, Spyres, Retro Video Club, Dylan John Thomas and swim school have been receiving mass support south of the border.

Things are no different for Vistas. The band have received significant support from streaming platform Spotify, with their music featuring regularly on playlists such as The Indie List or Scotify.

With the aid BBC Radio One, singles such as 'Calm' and 'Tigerblood' quickly became fan favourites as the bands popularity continued to grow.

Their 2020 debut Everything Changes in the End has delivered on so much of the potential that their early singles promised.

Opening with an awakening intro, the album bursts into life with titular track 'Everything Changes in the End'. A tune about looking forward with optimism when things aren't going your way is not only a running theme throughout the album, but the perfect message for the coronavirus era.

This is followed by the four singles released in the lead up to the album drop: 'Teenage Blues', '15 Years', 'Sucker', and 'Summer'. Spanning four years of song writing all the way from 'Summer', the oldest track on the album, to '15 Years' written midway through recording, Vistas remain true to their melancholic lyricism that is masked and overrode by the optimistic noise.

Side A of the record is rounded out by Vistas staple 'Tigerblood'. The last tune rolled out at the end of a gig, met with euphoria and ecstasy from the crowd- it's a festival banger destined for any summer playlist.

Self-proclaimed 'bop' 'Shout' delivers an important message of letting your friends know you are there for them, whilst 'Sentimental' drifts away from the conception Vistas are just a catchy chorus as they offer building bass lines.

The biggest Vistas hit to date 'Retrospect' is one of their early singles to make the cut. The song has racked up over 11 million streams on Spotify and the band stated on Twitter that they "wouldn't be where we are now without it".

Everything Changes in the End is the perfect summer album for years to come. Its packed to the brim with songs begging to be bellowed back on festival fields or in sweaty basement gigs.

If Vistas debut album didn't leave you satisfied, or missed out your favourite Vistas tune, such as 'Medicine' or 'Sign Language', then lucky for you Before Everything Changes is another 2020 release from the band featuring all their singles which didn't make it onto the album. 

Buy either record through their website and follow the band on Twitter and Instagram.

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